Apr 20, 2014 – News Today

Town Talk: Towering personalities

YES FOR GES. … Many city architects greeted Danish colleague Bjarke Ingels recently when he and Westbank Projects CEO Ian Gillespie launched Vancouver Tower. The 52-floor, 502-unit structure beside the Granville Street bridge’s Howe Street approach ramp will rise to its full width from a much narrower base. That’s something ancient Egyptian pyramid builders might have tried had Nile-side real estate become scarce. The launch and a related exhibition were linked to the German word Gesamtkunstwerk, which signifies the unification of an object or project’s design elements. Well worth a visit to 1460 Howe St., the exhibition was curated by architecture critic Trevor Boddy, who also produced a 76-page catalogue. It’s not a doorstop like the oversized, hardcover 530-page Building Artistry that Gillespie produced in 2012, but most informative nonetheless.