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Investment Tip of the Day

Growing Rich By Boring (Re)Investing

ReinvestingAlthough it may seem counterintuitive on the surface that a company who distributes dividends to shareholders will, in the long term, net you bigger gains than a company who focuses solely on growth with higher share prices by reinvesting every dollar back into its operations, it is a well-studied fact.

Investors tend to not realize this and simply assume it’s all about rising stock prices or market capitalization that determines ones returns completely forgetting that your investment should also include cash paid out.

One popular example is of IBM vs. Standard Oil from 1953 to 2003. If one had invested $1,000 back in 1953 in each company and looked to reinvest any distribution then in 2003 your Standard Oil shares would be worth about $300,000 more than your IBM shares despite the fact that IBM had bigger growth in this period. The difference lies in the amount of money that was distributed as dividends back to its shareholders. Standard Oil had been very generous during their rise and in the process the savvy investor would have made quite a larger fortune.

So although growth stocks may get all the headlines it is usually the less noticed, more boring, types of dividend distributing stocks that focus partly on growth and rewarding their success to their shareholders that ultimately gives one the biggest gains in the long term.

Most people think their only chance of becoming a millionaire is by way of winning the lottery but the reality is the chances of hitting the jackpot is 14 million to 1. The truest and most certain way to become a millionaire is actually much simpler and we’ve discussed it here. It’s through a slow, but consistent saving, investing, and reinvestment approach over time. So although it comes off boring it all comes down to proper discipline and patience that determines ones future financial well-being.

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Apr 11, 2015 – Investment eBook

Ok this new eBook may not be directly related to investing (besides having a title that resembles one) but it does contain some interesting tales that defintiely relate. It carries a sustained exploration of the ways gender dynamics can both empower and enslave us. Kessel’s wit sparkles throughout, peaking with the most uproariously weird phone-sex conversation you’ll ever read. Enjoy!

eBook of the Day
The Braun Plan for Financial Independence
by John Kessel

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Apr 11, 2015 – News Today

Gallery: This East Van house sold for $567K above asking price

More Vancouver real estate craziness. This four-bedroom, 2,154 square-foot home at 65 East 26th Avenue (two blocks west of Main Street) was listed at $1.598 million dollars. It sold for just under $2.2 million. The home, which has a mortgage-helper basement suite, is certainly nice, but is it 35-per-cent above the asking price nice? Realtor Paul Eviston believes it’s a record. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’ve never seen a sale that comes close to that.” Read More

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